Jahan Taganova

Senior Project Manager, Scalable Solutions

Jahan is a Senior Project Manager for the Scalable Solutions team. She serves as the primary touchpoint for a portfolio of externally led projects across multiple issue areas such as climate, health, and gender equality.

Jahan joined Panorama Global from the International Disability Alliance (IDA) in New York City, where she provided fiscal sponsorship services to 9 global and 6 regional organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) to make their human rights a reality, accelerate their socio-legal impact, and make a positive impact on their communities.

Jahan has a multidisciplinary academic background. In addition to her MA in Educational Leadership from Syracuse University, she also has a joint-degree MS in Water Resources Management from the IHE-UNESCO Institute for Water Education, the UN Mandated University for Peace and Oregon State University. Jahan received her dual bachelor's degree in Business Administration & International Relations from the American University in Bulgaria.

When Jahan is not in the office, she enjoys hiking, trail running, and wandering in nature, as well as conducting research.

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