Analise LeJeune-Stodieck

Program Associate

Analise LeJeune-Stodieck is a Senior Project Manager at Panorama, where she provides project management and strategic support for global health projects focused on malaria, equitable vaccine distribution, neglected infectious diseases, and global health diplomacy. Analise recognizes the importance of impacting global health through sustainable and innovative solutions, by aligning efforts across the key priorities and opportunities of leaders in the global health space and in-country stakeholders.

Prior to joining Panorama, Analise worked with Pathologists Overseas and the American Society for Clinical Pathology where she oversaw programs aimed at strengthening diagnostic services in low and middle-income countries. Analise also worked with BIO Ventures for Global Health assessing cancer care capacity across hospital, state, and federal government leadership to implement a drug access model with the goal of providing affordable, quality therapeutics to cancer patients in Nigeria, as well as managing a portfolio of cross-sector, intellectual property-sharing collaborations to accelerate drug, vaccine, and diagnostic R&D for malaria, tuberculosis, and neglected infectious diseases. Analise received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health from the University of Washington.

Analise loves living in the Pacific Northwest, and on the weekends can be found skiing, backpacking, or surfing depending on the season.

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