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Donor Collaboratives Keys to Success Report

Donor Collaboratives: Keys to Success

Creating an organized, managed collaboration between funders—a “donor collaborative”—has proven to be a powerful mechanism for philanthropies to have greater impact than they would alone. The following report provides insights […]

Panorama Perspectives: Conversations on Planetary Health Series

The Panorama Perspectives: Conversations on Planetary Health report series aims to inspire new thinking, conversations, and engagement with planetary health and other integrated concepts. Collaboration and open knowledge sharing across sectors are […]

Emerging Business Trends in Paid Family and Medical Leave

In 2017, Panorama conducted research with more than 470 companies in the U.S. private sector, conducting in-depth interviews with companies across 23 industries, ranging from technology to manufacturing, transportation, and […]

Why Paid Leave Is Good for Business

We worked alongside the Boston Consulting Group to analyze the costs and benefits of offering inclusive paid family and medical leave programs. Our report, Why Paid Leave is Good for […]