Create an equal chance for economic and social success

When each person has an opportunity to make an equal contribution – regardless of gender, race or economic standing – then we all live more productive lives.

Ensuring Workers and Their Families Thrive

Allowing employees to take paid time away from work to care for family members is one of the most powerful ways employers can increase productivity, retention, and engagement. Yet, few companies in the U.S. offer more than the most basic paid leave benefit, if that. Panorama works directly with large U.S. employers, policy makers, and advocates to demonstrate the business case for paid family and medical leave benefits. Because organizations succeed when their employees thrive.

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Investing in the Future of Work

U.S. workforce demographics are changing. An aging, diverse, and educated workforce fuels the economy. Yet, 40 percent of employers cannot find people with the needed skills to fill jobs, and a large pool of untapped talent exists with young adults. To help mitigate the subsequent economic underperformance and growing wealth gap, Panorama works with the U.S. private sector and mobilizes voices and resources to generate ideas that increase income equality and enable workers to lead healthier, more profitable lives.

Paid Leave Matters

Two out of every five adults care for someone at home while balancing their work. They shouldn’t have to choose between loved ones and a paycheck, but more often than not, they do.

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