Safeguard a vibrant world for future generations

To safeguard our planet requires a holistic perspective, from climate change and water security to the greater interconnections between environmental, human, and animal health.

Moving Planetary Health from Concept to Action

Today, we live longer and more prosperous lives than ever before. Yet this tremendous socio-economic progress is degrading the Earth’s natural systems and human health. To address this trend, Panorama partners with organizations like The Rockefeller Foundation and the Bridge Collaborative to help bring together the health and environment sectors. We are working to move from concept to action through advocacy, communication, partnership development, and program evaluation.

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New Tools to Mitigate Climate Change

Climate change affects the ways we live, and our safety and health. Panorama provides strategic guidance and insights for partners who are working to mitigate carbon levels with new approaches and tools. We collaborated with a public-private network that unites business and philanthropic leaders to find and scale new technologies to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Through stakeholder mapping analysis, we help identify potential new funders and actors to increase action and progress to preserve our environment.

Partnering to Understand Zoonotic Threats

It is estimated that 1.67 million viruses are undiscovered in the wild, almost half of which are believed to be zoonotic. To combat this threat, organizations have partnered to an innovative global scientific initiative to detect these unknown viral threats. Panorama supported this new global effort by developing a resource mobilization strategy to support this unique partnership to help safeguard human health.

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