Panorama and the American Sustainable Business Council Host Discussion Around Measuring the Business Impacts of Paid Leave

In our work around paid family and medical leave, we heard businesses often ask the following questions:

  • What is the return on investment (ROI) from implementing a paid leave policy?
  • What metrics should we track?
  • How do we do good by our employees while also doing good business?

On June 19, Panorama and the American Sustainable Business Council co-hosted a webinar for U.S. business leaders to address these questions and more. The webinar, titled “Measuring the Business Impacts of Paid Family and Medical Leave” and moderated by Chris Lu, Senior Strategy Advisor for FiscalNote and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Labor, featured these speakers:

  • Nicole Collier, Director, Policy and Public Affairs, Nestlé
  • Siobhan Mullin, Finance and Human Resources Manager & Co-Owner, South Mountain Company
  • Stephen Weltz, Workforce Analytics Manager, Human Capital Management Institute

Trisha Comsti also shared Panorama’s ROI framework and discuss Panorama’s current project to measure the ROI for companies implementing paid leave policies.

Listen to the full webinar below.