Global Action Report

Global Action Report

Accelerate. Catalyze. Empower.

The Global Action Report is our inaugural report showcasing the progress Panorama and its partners have made since its inception in 2017. As a platform for social change that leads, supports, and empowers individuals and organizations, Panorama is committed to improving the quality of life for all people and the planet.

Dear Friends,

When I founded Panorama in 2017, I wanted to create an organization to serve as a platform for social change that would have an impact on people who are most in need. It would not be enough to move the needle a little and hope for incremental improvements. I wanted Panorama to be an accelerator to solve major problems impeding whole populations from living life to its fullest.

While I set this goal, I know that creating lasting change is difficult and daunting. It requires a range of partners to work together, which can be challenging even when the end goal is shared, as different stakeholders often have their own perspective and their own particular way of getting things done. Often, there is a need for a neutral platform to move things along—that’s where Panorama provides value. We engage with stakeholders to bring disparate perspectives together and form collaborative partnerships that make change happen.

Panorama has seen significant growth in our first four years, and we have been able to develop the team, tools, and systems to help our partners execute change in a wide range of areas—from human rights to gender parity to adolescent mental health.

We also seek to catalyze change where we see gaps and needs. One area we had been working on for several years was trying to raise awareness of the need for pandemic preparedness. I called this my “hobby” job, because no one was interested in supporting this work. So, I did what I could in my free time, talking to reporters, philanthropists, and government officials; serving on panels and commissions; and hosting events and working groups to garner support.

When COVID-19 hit, this groundwork and my experience in the fight against Ebola provided the opportunity to work with a wide range of partners to co-develop solutions to this vast global challenge. As you will read in these pages, we were part of two multi-stakeholder initiatives dedicated to accelerating progress toward the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and putting in place the policy infrastructure to ensure the world would be better prepared for the next pandemic.

Beyond our major programs, we do our best to have an impact closer to home through “Panorama Gives Back,” which supports staff volunteer time and personal charitable interests. When we worked in-person, we would volunteer to serve lunch monthly at Angeline’s Day Center for Women, a program of the YWCA around the corner from our office in downtown Seattle. In 2020, we provided financial support to organizations working to break down systemic barriers that oppress communities of color, and to organizations that work to increase voter turnout and close the race and age voting gap. And as our team grew in size and geographic diversity, we supported COVID-19 emergency response programs in four cities where our team members are located.

As we celebrate Panorama's fourth anniversary, I am proud that Panorama is now established as a platform for social change, with a 30-plus person team of talented professionals committed to our work and our partners. I look forward to continuing our impactful work in the year ahead.

Gabrielle Fitzgerald
CEO and Founder
Panorama Global

A Platform for Social Change

Panorama was founded to partner with leaders to make meaningful progress on a range of issues affecting people and our planet.

World-changing ideas can emerge from leaders anywhere, whether they are social entrepreneurs, corporate or non-profit executives, philanthropists, or government officials. But it’s only when we work together that real change will take hold.

Panorama is designed as a platform for social change. Our goal is to maximize social impact by partnering with visionary leaders to co-develop solutions with audacious thinking and bold action.

Panorama partners with individuals and organizations to drive change in five ways:

Serving as an Issue Catalyst

Managing Collaboratives and Funds

Providing Fiscal Sponsorship services

Supporting partners with Strategy Development and Execution

Empowering change agents with Infrastructure