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Philanthropy Advancing Women's Human Rights


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Advancing Women’s Human Rights

What's the challenge?

While resources advancing gender equality are available, funds are not reaching key actors – namely women’s rights and feminist groups in the global south and east. Women’s rights organizations and feminist movements can have more and lasting impact when they have the ability to share knowledge and lessons learned, collectively address challenges they face, and manage larger scale funding.

What are we doing about it?

Philanthropy Advancing Women’s Human Rights (PAWHR) mobilizes funders to share knowledge, deepen networks, and expand resources for the women’s rights field. PAWHR supports a better-connected and better-resourced ecosystem of organizations dedicated to women’s human rights.

As fiscal sponsor, Panorama Global administers PAWHR’s pooled fund, which supports feminist organizations’ ability to apply for large grants that will increase resources for women, girls and trans organizations and movements. PAWHR members decided in 2017 to create a pooled fund after increasingly receiving requests to support the costs associated with collaborative, joint funding initiatives. Other support Panorama Global provides to PAWHR includes human resources, contract management, and end-to-end grant management, from proposals to grant deliverables.

Who are our members?

PAWHR’s membership comprises 12 private foundations. Collectively they leverage more than $200 million annually toward advancing women’s human rights and feminist movements worldwide.

PAWHR’s Steering Committee comprises Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, Ford Foundation, NoVo Foundation, Foundation for a Just Society, and Oak Foundation.

We chose Panorama Global as our fiscal sponsor because their team offers strategic support that is nimble, efficient, and personalized. Working with Panorama helps us focus our efforts on achieving our goals. -Annie Hillar and Keely Tongate, Co-Directors of PAWHR

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