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June 2020 - Present


COVID-19 Action Fund for Africa


Mobilizing Resources to Supply Community Healthcare Workers with PPE

COVID-19 Action Fund for Africa

The COVID-19 Action Fund for Africa (CAF-Africa) was created to fill a critical gap: Many community health workers (CHWs) in sub-Saharan Africa were not being provided with personal protective equipment, or PPE. These workers are vital frontline providers in many countries, and while they are often the first point of care, they are often the last to receive PPE.

CAF-Africa is a “radically collaborative” initiative of more than 30 organizations. To date, CAF-Africa has committed more than 85 million pieces of PPE to benefit 474,000 CHWs and others in 18 countries.

Award Winner: In recognition of its work, CAF-Africa was awarded the Grand Prize at the 2020 Global Health Supply Chain Summit.

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