September 2018 – May 2019


110K Opportunities Initiative


Opportunity Youth who work as teens or young adults are


more likely to be homeowners


more likely to be employed


more likely to report excellent or good health than those who are disconnected as young people.


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Evaluating the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative

What's the challenge?

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative (“100K”) was at a pivotal moment in its three-year history as it looked to better understand its impact and to redefine its strategy. 100K had assembled a broad coalition of private, public, and nonprofit partners to raise the profile of “opportunity youth” – young people who are disconnected from employment or educational opportunities – as untapped assets and young talent. Through that coalition, 100K had hired more than 200,000 opportunity youth since 2015, far surpassing its goal of 100,000.

Given the quick progress and earned credibility, 100K wanted to understand how to build on that momentum by learning from its successes and challenges and proposing strategies for the future direction of the initiative.

What are we doing about it?

100K approached Panorama to conduct a review of the initiative to identify lessons learned from the organization’s initial work with opportunity youth. Panorama assessed 100K’s accomplishments and potential opportunities, engaged with key stakeholders, including funders and employers, and proposed strategies for the future direction of the work.

This led to several key deliverables, including white papers, a new strategic framework, and recommendations for a different partnership engagement model, which enabled 100K to have greater impact.

Who are our partners?

Along with the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative organization, Panorama partnered closely with the Schultz Family Foundation, one of the primary funders of the work.

Because 100K is based on a vision of sparking a national employer movement that embraces opportunity youth, there are many corporate employers and community-based organizations that are key to its success. Each partner shares a commitment to help connect youth with employers, develop job skills, and embark on a long-term pathway to success. As part of its engagement, Panorama interviewed many of these organizations and conducted several strategy working sessions with employers to gather learnings and propel the 100K strategy.

What's the impact of our work?

By helping 100K look inward at its own progress and impact, Panorama was able to shepherd the organization and its key partners on a path forward. Articulating a new program framework, a refined strategy, and a potential new governance structure gave 100K the tools it needed to reach more young people.

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