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Leadership and Diplomacy|June 02, 2020

Panorama Stands with Black Lives Matter and All People of Color Across the US

Panorama Team


The senseless killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer is yet another devastating example of the deeply rooted structural racism, oppression, and grossly inequitable conditions that exist in our country. The Panorama team stands with Black Lives Matter and with all people of color across the United States.

As an organization built on the principle of achieving social impact, we commit to supporting the members of the Black community, and to educating ourselves on how we can be most effective in accelerating progress to eliminate the deeply rooted problems affecting communities of color in the U.S.

It is hard to find hope in darkness, but we believe that when we come together as a society to activate change, that is when we will all see the light.


To help accelerate the pace of change, we commit to the following:

  • Urging everyone we know register to vote, educate yourself on the candidates and their positions, and to vote in upcoming elections so that we have leaders at local, state, and national levels focused on making substantive structural change;
  • Ensuring our leaders are as diverse as the America they represent by working to break down barriers that negatively impact the ability of women and other marginalized and under-represented communities to hold elected leadership roles;
  • Fighting COVID-19 and preparing for future pandemics, which disproportionately affect communities of color in the United States and many vulnerable communities around the world;
  • Supporting local businesses owned by people of color;
  • Continuing our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives so our team continues to grow in our shared understanding of systemic inequity; and
  • Acting on our DEI learnings within and outside the organization.

In order to support groups that work to break down the systemic barriers that oppress communities of color, Panorama will contribute to the following organizations:

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