COVID-19|July 19, 2021

Stanford Social Innovation Review: What Working in Crisis Mode Teaches Us About Collaboration and Impact


In a new article published by Stanford Social Innovation Review, Gabrielle Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Panorama and co-founder of Pandemic Action Network, shared her experience working in "crisis mode" during the pandemic, what COVID-19 can teach us about collaboration and shared impact, and how these lessons can be applied outsides times of crisis and beyond the world of social impact.

A crisis like COVID-19 rewrites the math around problem solving.

Over the last year, Gabrielle helped bring to life two initiatives forced to work around this new math: COVID-19 Action Fund for Africa and Pandemic Action Network. Both have managed to be uncommonly productive and cooperative in pursuing and achieving fast, meaningful results.

Read about three strategies these initiatives adopted and how they can help accelerate progress on pressing issues in any sector.

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