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Panorama is an action tank working to solve global problems through audacious thinking and bold action.

We bring together diverse perspectives to spark new ideas that create change on issues affecting people, the planet and productivity.

We partner with ambitious leaders to help strengthen their organizations and advance priority issues. We also initiate our own projects when we see gaps that need to be filled.

To make the biggest impact, we combine strategic thinking and the know-how to get things done.

Panorama was founded by CEO Gabrielle Fitzgerald, and we are a team of strategists, advocates, campaigners, analysts, storytellers, resource mobilizers, and organizational designers with deep experience in foundations, non-governmental organizations, private companies, and public institutions. We are all inspired by a life-long commitment to improve our world.

Panorama is headquartered in Seattle with a global team and network.

The values we share in our work and our lives also inspire our name, logo, and colors.

Global Perspective
Servant Leadership
Gabrielle Fitzgerald
Gabrielle Fitzgerald
Founder and CEO

Gabrielle Fitzgerald is a global leader who believes that innovative approaches and catalytic coalitions are needed to solve the most challenging issues. Her focus is on designing and driving strategies that measurably impact people, organizations, and countries.

Our Team

Cate Blair

Operations and program strategy professional who believes in the power of optimism, collaboration, and persistence to effect change

Suzie Carroll

Operations executive who believes collaborative leadership is essential to advancing the goals of mission-driven organizations

Trisha Comsti

Strategist and analyst who believes that diverse perspectives and creative tactics are essential to solve today’s most pressing global challenges

Sarah Coney

Project manager and research analyst who believes that asking strategic questions is key to developing sustainable outcomes

Amy Dempsey

Global health communications and advocacy specialist who believes in bridging non-traditional partnerships to overcome emerging global problems.

Anjali Desai

Strategist and project manager who believes that community-led processes lead to successful partnerships and more sustainable approaches

Dara Erck

Global health strategist who believes in the strength of partnerships and innovative thinking for maximum impact

Filimon Ghebretinsae

Project manager and development practitioner who believes that sustainable growth stems from within communities

Amanda Helfer

Project manager who believes we can affect intractable problems with collaboration and tenacity

Eliza Johnson

Project manager who believes optimism and an open mind are key to collaborating across diverse perspectives

Naomi Komuro

Nonprofit professional who believes the right combination of perfectionism and flexibility foster effective teams and impactful work

Brenda Luu

Project coordinator who believes empathy and creativity is the fuel for change

Linda Patterson

Global advocacy strategist who believes in the power of collective action to change the world

Sarah Rix

Executive support professional who believes every task, big or small, contributes to the overall success of an organization

Hina Syed

Strategist and communicator who believes in the transformative nature of storytelling

Our Advisors

Our Board

Ellen Agler

CEO, The END Fund

Awa Marie Coll Seck

Minister of Health and Social Action,
Republic of Senegal

Ned Harvey

Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute

Peter McDermott

Director, Fajara Associates

Copies of Panorama’s 990 and governing documents are available upon request. Please
email to submit a request.

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