Lono Willis

Project Coordinator

Lono Willis is a project coordinator who believes strategic collaboration can guide leaders toward progressive change. Lono’s expertise ranges from developing leadership initiatives and curating content in an academic environment to promoting a society with gender equity in the workforce. He seeks quality connections with people to allow for diversity in opinions. With a background in communications, he has developed an eye for what is visually appealing and an ear for marketable content.

Prior to joining Panorama, Lono worked as a consultant to improve upon marketing strategies and media content for the Associated Students of the University of Hawaii and the LGBTQ+ community, and for professional development for women. As a marketing and public relations expert, Lono works to align leadership and community engagement across various professional sectors. For example, he helped promote the importance of gender equity in the workplace as an ally for the Ladies Get Paid initiative.

Lono earned a bachelor of arts degree in communications with a focus in multimedia and community affairs from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.