Create an equal chance for economic and social success

When each person has an opportunity to make an equal contribution – regardless of gender, race or economic standing – then we all live more productive lives.

Taking Bold Action to Help Workers and Their Families Thrive

Allowing employees to take paid time away from work to care for family members is one of the most powerful ways employers can increase employee productivity, retention, and engagement. Yet few companies in the U.S. offer more than the most basic paid leave benefit, if that. Backed by research co-authored by Boston Consulting Group and Panorama, we are working directly with large U.S. employers to demonstrate the business case for paid family and medical leave benefits. Because it is now official: organizations succeed when their employees thrive.

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Designing Organizations for Impact

When an organization sets out to change the world, both a sound strategy and an effective structure are critical to having impact. We advise partners of all sizes on their organizational design to ensure they are fit for purpose, with the right strategy and the appropriate leaders and skill sets to achieve their goals. Recent partnerships include working with a non-governmental organization to develop a global influence strategy, guiding a funder through its second five-year strategy, helping an issue-focused documentary producer maximize the reach of her film, and ensuring a major multilateral organization is prepared to handle the next global crisis.

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