The health of humanity depends on the health of our planet. Our future depends on strengthening both.

Planetary health is a pioneering concept focused on the interdependence of human, animal, and environmental health. It offers a new approach to solve global problems, such as pollution and global food security, by balancing the health of our planet with human advancement.

Our Role

Panorama is motivated by the audacious and visionary concept of planetary health. It represents a tremendous opportunity to solve the biggest health and environmental problems of today.

We are focused on advancing planetary health through advocacy and partnership development. We aim to strengthen and grow a network of like-minded people and organizations inspired by the potential of planetary health.

We seek to raise awareness of the concept, improve understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the advancement of planetary health, and identify ways to move from concept to practical application. Ultimately, we envision planetary health as a framework for business and policy decision making that better balances human advancement with environmental sustainability.

Our current work is made possible through a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation.

Our Perspectives


The Panorama Perspectives: Conversations on Planetary Health report series aims to spark new thinking, conversations, and engagement with planetary health. The reports will be published periodically throughout the latter half of 2017 and shared widely. If you would like to receive the reports directly when they are published, please write to


About Planetary Health


Today, we live healthier and more prosperous lives than ever before, due to the unparalleled socio-economic advances of the 20th century.

Yet our tremendous progress is taking a heavy toll on the Earth’s natural systems. Through unsustainable, inequitable, and inefficient patterns of resource consumption and technological development, plus immense population growth, we are degrading nature’s systems. And these are the systems that we rely on for our health.

Thus, we are mortgaging our health, and the health of our children, to realize short-term economic and development gains.

Environmental decline is already causing substantial health risks, such as reduction of food security and nutrition, loss of freshwater resources, higher exposure to communicable disease, increase of non-communicable disease, and extreme weather events related to climate change.

It is up to us to take urgent, collaborative action to address these issues. The longer we forgo action, the more we risk reversing recent global health gains and furthering the degradation of our world’s natural systems.


With a broader view of health, that acknowledges the connections between people and our planet, we can course-correct and improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities around the world.

Planetary health draws together people from across global health, development, environmentalism, and veterinary health to find better ways to solve big problems and collectively advocate for policies that balance the health of people with the health of our planet.

A planetary health approach supports the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Paris Agreement. All of which recognize the importance of cross-sector, global coordination to solve complex challenges.


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