Safeguard a vibrant world for future generations

To safeguard our planet requires a holistic perspective, from climate change and water security to the greater interconnections between environmental, human, and animal health.

Building the Field of Planetary Health

Today, we live longer and more prosperous lives than ever before. Yet this tremendous socio-economic progress is degrading the Earth’s natural systems and human health. In support of The Rockefeller Foundation, Panorama is working to reverse this trend by advancing the field of Planetary Health, focused on the interplay between human, animal, and environmental health. We seek to improve understanding of the vital connections between natural systems and health through advocacy and partnership. By establishing the concept of Planetary Health as a framework for decision-making, we hope to inspire global and national policies that better balance human advancement with environmental sustainability.

Monitoring Global Health Security Systems

Increasing environmental degradation has the potential to unleash viruses in new and frightening ways. Following the West Africa Ebola outbreak, global leaders pledged bold reforms to ensure the world would be better prepared next time. Yet as leaders are replaced and new crises top the global agenda, the sense of urgency is receding. Panorama, together with the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, has created MAP: Monitoring and Accountability for Preparedness to track policy developments at national and international levels, centralize and disseminate our findings, and lead high-level political advocacy to ensure promises are translated into action.

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