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Financing Vaccines to Outsmart the Next Epidemic

Emerging infectious diseases like SARS, Ebola, and Zika caught the world off guard. Vaccines could prevent similar outbreaks from becoming global epidemics, but pharmaceutical companies don’t invest in vaccine research and development without a strong market incentive. Panorama addressed this problem by garnering support for the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), created by Wellcome Trust, Norway, India, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Working with these partners, Panorama led the effort to secure more than $540 million to proactively develop new vaccines against emerging diseases, announced at the 2017 World Economic Forum.

Ending Diseases of Poverty

We have seen great progress against guinea worm disease and river blindness, yet other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) continue to plague millions of people in Africa, who lack access to low-cost, highly effective treatments. Panorama is working to shape policies and raise the funding needed to make sure existing solutions reach the people who need them, helping achieve global goals to end these diseases. We are partnering with The END Fund, Senegal-based Speak Up Africa, the Africa regional office of the World Health Organization and others on targeted advocacy and resource mobilization strategies.

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