Peter Small

Jim and Robin Hernstein Chair, Founding Director, Global Health Institute, Stony Brook University

Peter is the Jim and Robin Herrnstein Chair and the Founding Director, Global Health Institute at Stony Brook University. Prior to joining Stony Brook, Peter was at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for nearly 13 years where he was responsible for developing the foundation’s tuberculosis strategy, building the programs core partnerships, hiring and managing the TB team and serving as the foundation’s voice for tuberculosis. In 2011, he relocated to India where he established the foundation’s tuberculosis program in India, specifically focused on the ways in which innovation in tuberculosis delivery systems might accelerate the decline of tuberculosis incidence. Peter completed his post graduate training in internal medicine at UCSF and infectious diseases at Stanford University before spending about a decade on the faculty of Stanford’s Division of Infectious Disease and Geographic Medicine. Peter has published more than 150 articles including studies that helped to shape the public health response to the resurgence of tuberculosis in the USA in the 1990’s and seminal papers on theorigin, nature and consequence of genetic variability within the species M. tuberculosis. He is a recipient of the Princess Chichibu Global TB Award for his pioneering contributions to global tuberculosis control and a fellow in the American Academy of Microbiology.